2020 Convert To Credit D Fail

Students wishing to convert to the Credit/D/Fail basis may do so by submitting this Credit/D/Fail Conversation Request Form to Yale Summer Session.

In a given term, a student may only elect one course on the Credit/D/Fail basis and must elect at least one course credit for a letter grade or the mark of Pass. Students who enroll in only one course may not select Credit/D/Fail for that course. If a student enrolled in two courses, with one selected Credit/D/Fail, drops or withdraws from the letter graded course before the end of the Session, the course selected Credit/D/Fail will automatically be converted to a letter grade even if the deadline for conversion has passed.

Once a student converts a course to the Credit/D/Fail mode, this change cannot be reversed, even if that action is sought before the midterm deadline.

After the midterm deadline listed below, election of the Credit/D/Fail option is not permitted.
  • June 10: Last day to convert a Session A course from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option.
  • July 15: Last day to convert a Session B course from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option.